When paying the check in the hospital directly, we see the final cost of the treatment, which cannot be affected. To change them, we must carefully understand the factors that determine the final amount.

The main clinical diagnosis and the medical specialty to which the diagnosis belongs

For example, diseases in the field of neurology and neurosurgery in most cases require examination and treatment more expensive than diseases of the field of internal medicine. When treating tumor diseases, the hospital additionally requests the deposit.

Presence of comorbidities

If additional doctors participate in the examination or treatment (this is called “specialist advice from related fields”), the cost of hospital services is increased.

The general severity of the condition

It will cost more to stay in the intensive care unit due to the difficult general condition than the usual hospital treatment. The cost of appropriate outpatient programs for patients with mild illnesses will be cheaper.


As a rule, the cost of going to the pediatric doctor in Dubai is higher compared to adults. This is due to the need to purchase special equipment for different age groups of patients – newborns, infants, school-age children, and adolescents. Adolescents over the age of 15 can be examined in adult medical institutions.

Treatment method

There is no doubt that complex neurosurgery, artificial joint implants, and chemotherapy for tumors cost different amounts. In general, drug treatment is usually cheaper than surgery.

The rank of the attending physician

The fee amounts for the regular trainees for the suite differ greatly from the professor and the head of the department. Of course, the fees for the specialist increase according to his qualifications.

Hospital level

The difference between the cost of services for large university hospitals and small clinics (private clinics) can be significant. At the same time, the quality of treatment does not always correspond to the price directly – in private practice, the same specialists for international institutions can work.

Internal program – suite type

A standard double room is cheaper than a single room or a VIP room. Most hospitals offer different accommodation options, the patient can choose a suitable option for himself.

The need for the accompanying person to live with the patient in the hospital

The hospital stay of relatives or friends of the patient is associated with additional financial costs.

Duration of the inpatient program or rehabilitation program

Additional hospital days and extended rehabilitation programs will cost more than standard duration programs.

After receiving the information, the clinic’s accounting department prepares a preliminary cost estimate that reflects the estimated cost of a particular patient’s services. Of course, it is impossible to accurately determine everything in medicine, and therefore, upon completion of treatment, the calculation is corrected if necessary.

if you are planning to UAE for your health checkup, do not forget that in addition to medical services, you need to issue a visa, pay for flying, translator work, and translate medical records. When treating and examining outpatients, it is helpful to think about accommodations, meals, and hospitalization in advance. If you do not plan the trip properly, the regulatory expenses may become higher than the medical expenses

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