Healthcare Directory


Healthcare Directoryas the name says, is a guide to healthcare; you will find hospitals, pharmacies, medical centre, clinics, labs etc. It will also help you to find information related to health in day-to-day life and if in need of doctors or places related to health experts, this will sure help you.

A place where you start searching when you are sick or feeling unwell. You might start looking for all healthcare services like Doctor on Call facilities, Home Nursing Services, Medical Insurance Companies, Medical Equipment Suppliers and Distributors, Physiotherapy services, Wellness Centres, Emergency Services, Ambulance, Blood Bank, Eye Bank, Trauma Care, Oxygen Services etc. Oh! What’s the next step then? Healthcare Directory is the one.

Healthguide provides you healthcare directories to help you to find out hospitals, pharmacy, medical centres, and places that you’re in need of, and their services and facilities that will help. Healthguide help the patients and provide full information about those places. Checkout this UAE Medical directory to get information about UAE’s health and related services.