How to Choose the Best Hospital in Dubai

When you are sick and new resident of Dubai, finding the best hospital and treatment specialist is a daunting task. It is recommended that you ensure qualification of the doctor for the correct diagnosis with an efficient treatment. And the hospital’s efficiency in using the modern technologies. Cooperation between doctors from multiple disciplines, and the implementation of rehabilitation that enhances treatment. There are many factors to consider when choosing. And above all, how to behave in a sea of ​​accessible information. There is a lot of information, but what can you trust?

In order to facilitate the understanding of this system we have included the 11 major elements in choosing the best hospitals in Dubai, which we consider when recommending a patient to a hospital.

The hospital specializes in your illness

It can be a specialized department in a leading university hospital, and a specialized clinic with specialized doctors.

The number of operations performed

Of course, theoretical training and continuing professional development play an important role. But it is only practical experience that gives the doctor clinical thought and skills that cannot be taught in universities.

Percentage of successful operations 

One of the most important indicators that should guide our decision-making. After all, the success of the diagnosis and treatment is exactly what the patient and doctor seek.

Absence of complications and security

A good hospital safety score is no serious side effects from drug therapy (for example, when prescribing innovative chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer) or complications after surgical interventions (for example, bleeding, hernia, and pain syndrome).

Studies and implementation of new technologies

In cases where traditional approaches previously used cannot guarantee a good outcome, recent developments are used. The results of the clinical trial formally enter the clinical practice within a few years, but the participants benefit from innovative developments without spending time waiting.

Equipment level

Upgrading equipment is a prerequisite for providing high-tech medical care. Therefore, robotic surgical interventions are only possible in institutions with appropriate technical equipment.

Absence of hospital infection

This indicator is especially important for invasive procedures (surgical interventions). Doctor service (does he himself perform the operation, does he communicate with the patient in the preoperative stage)? As a general rule, treatment is most successful when the doctor leads the entire patient – from the examination and preparation stage of the treatment, to the treatment itself and the choice of supportive therapy or rehabilitation programs.

Medical staff service and its relationship to patients

An important indication, since during the hospital stay, the patient often communicates more with medical staff than with the attending physician. Nurses assist in everyday matters, train necessary skills, and support the patient psychologically.

The convenience of staying in the hospital

Comfort level must be taken into consideration. Staying on an outpatient basis, staying sick during a diagnosis, after surgical treatment, or during hospital rehabilitation should cause only positive feelings.

Best price and quality

The financial aspect is of great importance to many patients, as well as to insurance companies. We always consider the cost and quality factor of the medical services provided.

You can identify and focus on one or more of the most important aspects for you. Based on many years of work experience, we take into account all of these indicators, along with many additional indicators.

The choice of hospital and doctor is a delicate and arduous work, ultimately dependent on the outcome of treatment. Health Guide mission is to help the patient make a informed decision that leads to recovery and well-being.